The views go on forever, the opportunity to own them does not....
Niboban Sporting Camps are traditional sporting camps located on 45 acres of mixed fields and woods, including 2,400 feet of prime Rangeley Lake frontage, 9 individual cabins and a main lodge.
Yes, ownership is evidenced by a real estate deed. Each cabin owner is conveyed an undivided, deeded interest in one of the properties cabins plus an interest in the common area land and main lodge. Like other real estate, ownership may be sold, willed, rented, or transferred at any time.
The camps offer the advantage of hassle-free second and primary home ownership. The homeowners association takes care of all the outside maintenance including property security, lawn mowing, snow plowing, and dock installation / removal. In addition, the management company will rent your cabin for you if you so choose. All you need to do is show up and enjoy your lakefront cabin.
As often as you wish, including year round if that’s your desire. Your camp is your own, never to be used by anyone else unless you decide to rent your cabin to generate additional income for yourself.
There are currently 9 existing camps, all built in 2001 / 2002. Upon receiving a Land Use Planning Commission permit; the developers plan to add additional 17-19 new camps. The new camps will follow the same style as the existing camps and blend seamlessly into the landscape, and then no further development will take place on the property.
Yes, individual camp owners pay annual fees for the professional management, operation and maintenance of the property. These fees are significantly lower than those of most comparable condominium ownership properties because they are divided evenly amongst all the camp owners. Please see the Public Offering Statement for the current estimated fees.


The views go on forever, the opportunity to own them does not…Contact us today for more information.